Vertical axis top discharge centriges ALFA Back


Comi Condor s.p.a., ITALY


Vertical Axis Top Discharge Centrifuge ALFA model is designed for the efficient separation of solids and liquids Fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The product grain size is between 0.005 mm and some millimetres; solid concentrations from 3% to 50%; productions up to 2 - 3 t/h. The Comi Condor vertical axis basket centrifuge type ALFA presupposes options for loading / unloading:

  • ALFA/B -  dig out discharge by shovel
  • ALFA/SB - lifting bag sistem

Of additional outfit:

  • special lifting bag system for quick removal
     of filter bag
  • C.I.P. system
  • GMP version: process area completely inspectable, flat basket bottom ( fully openable casing)


Basket diameter 350 - 1600 mm
Maximum basket load 15 - 1000 kg
Maximum basket speed 3200 - 850 RPM
G - factor x g 200 - 646 G
Centrifuge weight 900 - 8000 kg