Thaletec GmbH
Thaletec GmbH
THALETEC is worldwide the company with the most experience and longest tradition with the composite material glass/steel. The first developments in glassing technology were made about 170 years ago.

All of Thaletec products are "Made in Germany". This has been certified and documented to DIN ISO 9001 and proven on a regular basis. The vast majority materials and external parts also are of German origin, enabling the company to fulfill most efficiently its high claim to quality and reliability of manufactured products.
Owing to proven technologies and highly motivated and qualified personnel, commitment to quality, meeting delivery deadlines and the capability to flexibly adapt the services to —Āustomers individual requirements, Thaletech as experienced continuous organic growth.
Thaletec GmbH company is producing a wide range of glass-lined equipment:
·         Reactors and storage tanks
·         Filters
·         Heat exchangers
·         Condensers
·         Coolers
·         Columns
·         Measuring components
·         Reactor systems
·         Comprehensive plants 
High quality glass RAS GLASS for pharmaceutical and chemical applications, made by Thaletec, is used for equipment production. RAS GLASS is a special glass with high silicate content; it melts and granulates at about 1500°C. It meets the requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to the utmost extent. RAS stands for “Reliable”, “Available” and “Safe”. These excellent features have enabled RAS GLASS to prove its advantages in use by leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
The upper temperature limit for applications is usually determined by the chemical aggressiveness of the product concerned.  As nearly all situations involve the use of PTFE as a seal material, the upper limit is about 230°C. Higher limits are also possible if seals are resistant to the temperatures used.
The lower limit for applications in the low temperature range is substantially determined by the steel material. Incorporating our special low temperature glass-lining in the design of your plant will certainly make applications down to -90°C possible.
Perfect protective lining consists of several layers of glass:
Adhesion to the substrate is assured by a special primer coat of glass, that reacts when fired at about 900°C to form with the steel the ideal base for applying subsequent layers. This is followed by the successive steps of applying and firing further corrosion-resistant layers. Finally, 1.0-2.2 mm thick protective layer is applied, which protects steel tank from corrosion.
Combining glass and metal is an excellent way of combining the characteristics of glass (chemical resistance, smooth surface) with the strength and toughness of metal.
  • Glass lined heat exchangers

    Glass lined heat exchangers

  • Glass lined reactors

    Glass lined reactors