Vertical bottom discharge centrifuges TM Back


Comi Condor s.p.a., ITALY


Bottom Discharge Cenrtrifuge, TM model is designed for the efficient separation of solids and liquids in a single sealed environment

  • production of chemical and bulk pharmaceutical products from synthesis processes
  • product requiring a large filtering area
  • suitable for toxic and flammable products, where avoidance of contacts between products and operator is mandatory

Filter cloth mounted into the basket by rings and replacement is very easy and quick. Suspension can be on three columns or on inertia base  on elastic dampers, which transfer low dynamic loads to the foundations.
Knife and cover opening are hydraulically operated.


Basket diameter 800 - 1600 mm
Maximum basket load 79 - 1600 kg
Maximum basket speed 1650 - 850 RPM
G - factor x g 1216 - 646 G
Centrifuge weight 1500 - 9800 kg