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The evaporation over several stages considerably reduces the necessary heating energy. Boiling temperature of the product is continuously reduced by a pressure gradient within the individual stages. So vapors from the previous stage can heat the next stage and further concentrate the product. Due to the product uniform distribution on the evaporator head, falling film and heating surface, high evaporation rates can be achieved.

·         Thermal vapor recompression
In the case of thermal vapor recompression, the vapors are reused and brought to a higher pressure and temperature level by means of motive steam. The resulting steam can be reused in the evaporation process, saving heating energy. Multi-stage compressor systems further reduce heating steam consumption.

·         Mechanical vapor compression
The evaporation energy is introduced through a mechanical compressor, which brings the vapors to the necessary temperature and pressure level to use them as heating steam. This reduces heating steam consumption to practically zero.