ThermoDec - Industrial and Municipal Sludge treatment Back




Disposal of waste water or sludge in industrial processes is a costly exercise. ThermoDec is a revolutionary technology for processing industrial sludge by means of thermal separation technology, which can pay off starting even from the third year after installation!
ThermoDec system allows to extract valuable materials and energy from sludge, regardless of its consistency and composition, thus minimizing the costs of its elimination.
The process has the following steps:
1.       Preparation of the sludge;
2.       Treatment in the thin-layer evaporator (reactor), where the sludge comes into contact with the heated till 500°C outer wall of reactor, thus being separated into different components;
3.       Combustible materials are then being forwarded into the combustion chamber. Steam, generated by the heat, is used for sludge preparation (step No.1).
4.       Purification of flue gas.
ThermoDec system was developed by the cooperation of two companies – “Kremsmueller” (responsible for evaporation processes, design and operation of evaporators, as well as their installation and maintenance) and “Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik” (KVT) (responsible for the entire process technology, detailed engineering and process combustion).