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Comi Condor s.p.a., ITALY


HX horizontal peeler centrifuges for chemistry
While most competitors offer cast baskets, the baskets of „Comi Condor” centrifuges are fabricated, which guarantees the absence of crevices or porosity.
Outside the process chamber laser cake detector is located in ATEX certified protective box – light beam measures the distance between the source and the obstacle. The system is controlled by the software, via two analog signals, input and output. The desired cakethickness has to be input as a parameter in the feeding and in the washing phases.

Construction featuresprovide exceptionally low vibration and noise level (<75 dB (A)) and maintenance simplicity.

Automatic C.I.P cleaning system with spraying nozzles makes centrifuge cleaning process fast and simple. Also, inertization system of the centrifuge is provided, ensuring safety of production process.

Optional instrumentation is integrated into the control system, including oxygen monitoring, temperature, pressure, liquid feed flow, N2 purge flow, effluentparticle detection and fluid clarity.