CRIOX - double cone vacuum dryer Back


Italvacuum S.r.l., Italy


Criox System, an international success patent, is a rotary double cone vacuum dryer / powderer able to totally extract all types of solvents from the wet powders coming from filtering or centrifuge.
Criox is multi-product system that allows working with the widest range of possible products with crystalline or amorphous structure.
Criox is also multi-functional system. It can be used as an effective mixer or homogenizer, which allows mixing small batches of the same product, receiving a homogenous mixture.
Criox System is especially effective for manufacturing active pharmaceuticals ingredients (API) in the pharmaceutical industry, fine chemicals and intermediates.
The advantages of the Criox System:
  • Absolute safety for the personnel, the environment and the product according to cGMP rules
  • Extremely high final vacuum values (lower than 0.01 mbar)
  • FDA validation and approval, ATEX certification
  • For carrying out drying processtests with the products, provided by customers, «Italvacuum» company has a wide range of experimental facilities for laboratory and pilot tests.
Main component of the system – rotary double cone drying chamber with regulated rotation speed, without any sharp edges or blind corners. During rotation this structure allows total and continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and an extremely homogeneousandgentle mixing.

Criox System contains two powerful lump-breaking blade sets,that are the peculiar characteristic of the Criox System and that permit to increase the surface of the product exposed to evaporation,which leads to increasedeffectiveness of mixing.Owingto their small size, the blades can be removed easily, which guarantees the ease of cleaning.
In order to complete the plant installation, in addition to the CrioxSystem, Italvacuum also supplies all the necessary fittings, properly sized according to any process requirement:
·       Heating and cooling groups for the system thermo-regulation
·       Condensation vacuum unit with the tank for the recovery of extracted solvents
·       Safety external filtering unit
·       High vacuum unit (the new Saurus939vacuum pump)
·       Control panel with PLC for the management of operative parameters and the drying processes.


Volume 55 - 12000 litres